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I've rediscovered my artistic abilities while being hospitalized for several months for depression and anxiety. My mental and physical health have clouded my view of the world. I have seen the world as scary and others as different. With my view of the world being dark, I interpret the world through colors and abstract shapes seen in my distorted people and moving lines. I use symbols in such as the cross which represents (faith), church (religion), penises and vaginas, representing sexuality, I include some writing in some of my drawings .These are thoughts I was having. The crown, is paying tribute to the artist Basquat who has influenced my work.

I am trying to let others look at my world by drawing. I see art as a major part of my life . Since I was little, I was always searching for meaning to my life and was extremely curious about life and death. My mother, an artist who studied at the
art students league in New York, has been a large influence on me by showing me her view of the world through her art. Other artists who I admire are, Picasso, Munch, Basquat, Dali, Haring and Sesow (a current artist). My goal is to take my art as far as I can go as well as teaching kids to express themselves though their art.

Empathic Energetic Tips

I offer an inexpensive service for artists who are already good artists, but who may want another artist with a good eye for art look at portfolio. I have used my intuition from the start to make art.

I will review your art portfolio, see what styles I like, and give some ideas.

The price is only $ 50.00. I help my mother artist at times. See if you like it. It may me a refreshing change.

I’m going to try to set this up where the pictures are set up.

God bless

Thank you
Gh Kleiner

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